Success for Saxe Coburg in the 2018 House Magazine Challenge

Jun 27, 2018 | Blog|Uncategorised

Earlier in the year, Saxe Coburg, as Estate Agents in Canford Cliffs, were challenged by House Magazine to take on the New Forest Waterpark.

This follows a yearly cycle where the leading property magazine takes on Saxe Coburg to a challenge ‘with a difference’. Last year both companies took part in a Polo competition at Dorset Polo Club and this year it was a timed relay around the New Forest Water Park.

Today was the day both companies met. The sun was shining and as the water glistened the chosen team members discussed team tactics and the nerves grew.

Both teams raced round the agreed circuit, being monitored and timed by New Forest Water Park staff. At the final whistle, Saxe Coburg were crowned the winners of the 2018 Challenge, completing the course in less than 5 minutes!

Well done Team Saxe, you did the company proud!

Thank you to House Magazine for organizing such an entertaining challenge. We will see you next year for the next round!