Saxe Coburg Talk Colours with KTM Design

Jul 31, 2017 | Blog|Uncategorised

Choosing the Right Colour for your Dining Room

If you like to host dinner parties, it is crucial that you think about the décor of your dining room. The colour scheme must be carefully considered as it could make or break your dinner party. 

If you would like your guests to clear their plates think about colour temperature. Research indicates that warm colours makes us feel hungry. This includes yellow which will get guests’ stomachs rumbling, and red which gives people a boost of strength. Oranges also increase appetites, but you can go for a softer shade, like cantaloupe, if a bright tangerine isn’t quite right for your formal space.

In contrast, several colours must be avoided as they decrease appetites. Blue is associated with calm and rest and provides a cooling environment, which leads to a decreased appetite. This might mean your guests will be hungry by the time they get home. Light pink with grey or blue tones is another calming colour that may result in stopping your guests from enjoying your cooking to the fullest.

Colours that aren’t too bright, but that are saturated, energise us, like emerald green. However after long periods of being energised by emerald green and other saturated colours, people get tired. This may lead to guests wanting to leave your dinner party early!

With this in mind, consider the colour scheme of your dining room next time you are thinking of re-decorating, or hosting a dinner party.

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