Property for Sale Winchester

From COVID to calm – here’s why EVERYONE wants property for sale in Winchester

Think location. Think heritage, history and housing. Think SPACE.

Travel just an hour South West of London, and you’ll discover the once capital of England is in positively hot demand. So much so; that property for sale in Winchester is the MOST sought after across the country. But why is this? What’s made this heritage destination a certified hotspot of property magnates? We could point the finger at COVID and bemoan house hunters hellbent on gaining more space in the aftermath of national lockdown . . . or we could look at the city for what it is. Pretty beautiful, really.

Location, location, location.

Yes, prices outside London have SURGED – residents CLEARLY want out.

But we can see why they’d set their sights on Winchester. Despite being in rural Hampshire, Winchester is BLESSED with immaculate transport links. Located close to the A34 road and M3 motorway, Winchester offers great connections to London, Oxford and the South Coast. So, for those still feeling the effects of being cooped up during lockdown, the city’s become a popular place to seek refuge and commute.

Heritage, history and housing.
Winchester’s not some forgotten relic of yesteryear.

Good transport links can only mean one thing – people WANT to visit. People actively want to see the sights and soak up the history of what makes this city so virtuous and enticing. This medieval city features magnificent architecture, award-wining pubs (one of the oldest in the UK!) and a STUNNING cathedral. What’s more, house hunters can opt between cottages, period houses, traditional terraces or newer builds.

Property for sale in Winchester is often spacious
The city doesn’t just offer history, heritage and a good location.

The Winchester economy is based around land-locked tourism, industry, retail, education and creativity. But what do all these need? Space – and Winchester is anything if not spacious. Even the areas surrounding Winchester have transformed into spacious suburbs. What were once villages, with some period housing, now feature newer purpose-built housing estates. These spaces offer a quiet respite alongside the rolling countryside of the South Downs National Park.

  • Appreciation | Historically, real estate offers a long-term, stable growth in value
  • Build Equity | Building equity with mortgage payments is a ready-made savings plan
  • Freedom | As its your home, you can decorate and upgrade it as you see fit
  • Predictability | Unlike rent, fixed-rate mortgage payments won’t rise over the years
  • Stability | Establish long-lasting relationships with your local neighbourhood
  • Using local knowledge of recent sales and demand, Saxe Coburg will price your abode right and get you the best offer. We also have potential buyers waiting in the wings!
  • Yes, you could go it alone. But why take the risk? Can you afford to take FULL responsibility for your worldly savings – and accrued equity – should things go awry?
  • It’s perfectly legal to buy – or sell – a home without the involvement of an estate agent. Yet, whether it’s a good idea is a matter of opinion.

How do we showcase your property for sale in Winchester?

We offer a unique marketing package at no cost to you . . .

Here at Saxe Coburg, we want your property to stand out and receive the marketing it deserves . . .

A qualified, professional Photographer

Our high-quality images aren’t easily dismissed.

Any amateur estate agent can take photos of your house. However, there’s a reason professional photographers still exist in a world full of smartphones. Our property for sale in Winchester benefits from shots that portray them in the best light. When selling cosy cottages, our professionals favour moody and artistic shots. Alternatively, they know that something more modern would benefit from bright and minimal style.

High-quality professional floor plans
In accordance with RICS (Registered Institute of Chartered Surveyors).

Unlike pictures – which can be taken at flattering angles – floor plans are the truth laid bare. Floor plans can help buyers visualise property for sale in Winchester far better than just photos alone. These feature approximate dimensions that allow buyers to mentally move into the property. Through beginning to unpack and plan their furniture, such preparation prompts emotional attachments. This is something sellings really want to house-hunters to experience. With this in mind, research by Rightmove indicates that one in five potential IGNORE listings that do away with floorplans!

Rightmove Premium Listings
Achieve unbeatable coverage online.

Speaking of Rightmove, what makes this online property portal so – well – right? In the past, if you had property for sale in Winchester, the first thing you would think to do would be to search through a newspaper rather than the web. Yet property portals have become so CENTRAL to the property buying process in recent years – and Rightmove helped start the trend. Having existed since the start of this millennium, it boasts unparalleled experience and expertise in this area. In fact, as of 2021, Rightmove is the current leader – with 208 million visits per month, compared to Zoopla’s 120 million.

Extensive Social Media Presence
Properties are as much emotional as they are financial decisions.

Whilst it’s tough to shift properties for sale in Winchester via social media alone, it’s not impossible. Yes, properties come at hefty prices – and are by no means impulse purchases – but how do you know something’s available if it’s not plonked before you? Through building meaningful relationships, we’ve earned MORE clients with social media. In fact, 99% of millennials (and 90% of baby boomers) BEGIN their property search ONLINE (as opposed to in-person referrals). Like most businesses, the COVID-19 pandemic forced us to reevaluate our stance. Yet socials helped us open a dialogue, share advice, and forge ongoing relationships with buyers, sellers, and renters alike!

Dedicated Marketing Department
We “sell” your features – so you don’t have to.

Every property for sale in Winchester comes with its unique attributes. Yet, without dedicated marketing in place, how can you hope to have it seen far and wide? Our team offers a blend of traditional techniques and modern technologies to achieve just that. For Saxe Coburg, we increase brand awareness, generate high quality leads, and increase our customer value. But what are YOU trying to achieve? What are the key selling attributes of your property, who is your target market and what competition do you face? Once we understand this, we can target our approach and hone in on what makes your property such an attractive prospect for potential buyers.

Advertising in leading local magazines
Print is physical – tangible – and, as such, trustworthy.

For the longest time, print was one of the best ways – if not the best way – of generating interest for your property for sale in Winchester. But the times, they are a’changin’, and you can now reach a wide audience on the cheap via online advertising just as easily. However, this brave new world wide web is a hotbed of noise. Plus, for your property to build it’s online presence, your listing’s SEO needs to be on point. This is why we provide a mix of both print and online. Local magazines are still widely read by the local community. Consequently, these niche magazines still hold plenty of advertising power. There’s something thrilling about flipping through pages brimming with properties.

Presenter-led video tour
(Where applicable)

GREAT property marketing is so important these days. Nowadays, high-quality cameras are pre-installed in most modern smartphones. In addition to traditional photography, video tours are a great to showcase your property and its surroundings. During lockdown, the ability to offer virtual house tours was a fantastic way of showcasing your property for sale in Winchester. But we’re no longer locked down. Now, Saxe Coburg can make your property more visually appealing to potential buyers by giving them a more well-rounded view. Our presenter-led video tours are the nearest thing possible to a personal viewing. Better still, they can save you countless hours of lost time taken up by unnecessary viewings.

Aerial Photography
(Where applicable)

Capture breathtaking views that will help sell your property for sale in Winchester. Our cutting-edge drones provide a unique perspective to showcase subjects to their full potential. These innovations can capture the scale of your property, land, gardens and surrounding area. This is not logistically possible on the ground, where it may just look flat and lifeless. Instead, you can show off your property in the best light and increase its salability. Put simply, if you can show anything from a bird’s eye view – always do. It’ll really help you stand out from the crowd on online property portals like Rightmove and Zoopla.

What’s the typical value of a property for sale in Winchester?

Investors beware! Cheap property is in short supply, but there is GREAT letting demand.

Despite being a spacious and glorious city to live – property for sale in Winchester is in short supply. Why? Well, it’s for that very reason. The city is a desirable place to live, but it offers limited housing. As such, property for sale in Winchester generally comes with a high price point. More often than not, houses can fetch anything more than £1 million.

According to HM Land Registry figures, the average Winchester house price is £421,796.

But is it possible to find cheaper property for sale in Winchester?

Contrary to popular belief, yes – surprisingly!

The cheapest property for sale in Winchester currently clocks in at £120,000. So, for property moguls or house hunters, keep your eyes peeled. You might yet find that diamond in the rough. With this in mind, there is almost ALWAYS going to be rental demand in Winchester. Such properties are primed for residents and students who cannot feasibly afford the city’s buying rates. Yet, where there’s demand, there are deep pockets.

With Londoners heading downstream, Winchester residents have found themselves facing London rental prices. Don’t fall foul yourself. Act carefully and considerately.


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