Property for Rent in Winchester

Looking up property for rent in Winchester? We’ll help you streamline the process

If you find something you like, you’ll certainly need to act swiftly to avoid missing out.

If you’re familiar with the world of renting or are looking for property for rent in Winchester, you’ll know how quickly that market can move. You have to be ahead of the game, so here’s our advice to help you make sense of the fast-moving rental market. Our first tip is that before you start looking for any property for rent in Winchester before you go out on viewings, make sure your paperwork’s in order. Too many people assume that paperwork is more relevant for buying, but nowadays, that’s no longer true. Suitable properties tend to rent quickly in any market.

So, what do you need to help you from missing out?

⬛ | You need a valid ID passport or driving license
⬛ | Not a UK national? Provide evidence of your right to residency
⬛ | Something to prove your current address, like utility bills
⬛ | Landlord and guarantor references can also be very useful
⬛ | Provide your bank account details, have cash or a holding fee
⬛ | Stories of proof of employment but first month’s rent

Before falling in love with the priciest property on the market, background checks will establish your budget. Only once this is done should you start your search online for short-listing properties that you like in areas you’re interested in. Do your homework on things like crime statistics. Who lives in the surrounding area? What shops and amenities are nearby? You know, basic things that will help your lifestyle. Assess how much property for rent in Winchester will cost you in both rent and utility bills, as this will undoubtedly come in useful.

You may, of course, have to look outside your preferred area due to potential scarcity.

In which case, keep the following in mind:

⬛ | Are there available transport links?
⬛ | Consider door-to-door journey times
⬛ | How much will your commute or travel cost?
⬛ | How much does the council tax cost in the new area?
⬛ | Will you need to travel for any social occasions?
⬛ | Do you need a furnished or unfurnished property?

Last but not least, remember that the letting agent works for the landlord, so do try and make a good impression. Be on time. Be respectful of the property and whoever is showing you around it. Ensure you look and act the part. The landlord will want to let the property to someone who will take care of it and someone they have faith in.

  • Appreciation | Historically, real estate offers a long-term, stable growth in value
  • Build Equity | Building equity with mortgage payments is a ready-made savings plan
  • Freedom | As its your home, you can decorate and upgrade it as you see fit
  • Predictability | Unlike rent, fixed-rate mortgage payments won’t rise over the years
  • Stability | Establish long-lasting relationships with your local neighbourhood
  • Using local knowledge of recent sales and demand, Saxe Coburg will price your abode right and get you the best offer. We also have potential buyers waiting in the wings!
  • Yes, you could go it alone. But why take the risk? Can you afford to take FULL responsibility for your worldly savings – and accrued equity – should things go awry?
  • It’s perfectly legal to buy – or sell – a home without the involvement of an estate agent. Yet, whether it’s a good idea is a matter of opinion.

Found a property for rent in Winchester?

The following process will be of use to you.

1. The pre-application phase

This is the fun phase where you view lots and lots of properties and apartments; anything. Whether it’s inside your criteria or outside your criteria – just have fun with it. Maybe you would like to narrow down some of your standards and set some priorities. Some are negotiables, and some are non-negotiables. For example, let’s say you need parking. Therefore, you cannot look at apartments that don’t have parking, or if you want a balcony, you don’t look at properties without a balcony.

Have fun at this phase and go and view lots and lots of property for rent in Winchester.

In addition to having fun, ensure you have your serious stuff in place. The serious stuff is your references. This might be your character, landlord, friend or employer references. Also, put together all of your payslips during the tenant application. Your landlord or the letting agent will ask for that information, so you may as well be prepared. If you are running your own business, or are self-employed or freelancing, prepare the accounts you have filed over the years. These all need to be in place because the landlord or the letting agents need to see that you can afford to pay the rent on time. So that’s the homework you must do upfront when you are serious about finding a property for rent in Winchester.

Once you find one that you like and you want to secure it, that’s when you can go ahead and tell the letting agent that you want to put in an application.

2. The application phase

The second phase involves a little bit more work. Upon submitting and waiting for the application’s approval, inform your letting agent or landlord. Your landlord needs to know that you are going to move out so you can set a move-out date and simultaneously arrange for a moving company. Some people like to be more hands-off and might arrange a full packing service from this company too. This is also when you should arrange for a painter or decorator. They can come and reinstate the property to its original colour and condition. Getting a cleaner in is also essential because they do this every day. They might professionally clean up to three properties daily and know the best detergent and products to do the job. A deep clean of your home will help ensure you can get your deposit back. If you have the budget to hire these professionals, we would recommend it as it will make all the difference. By the time you arrange the application, you are all ready to go. The flat is reinstated to its original condition, and you will have hopefully passed the application process.

In such a situation, you can set a new move-in date with the new landlord or new letting agent.

3. Moving into your new property for rent in Winchester

That brings us to our last phase, effectively the move-in phase. So, once you have moved in, check that everything works. Ensuring the windows locks are functioning, the heaters run, the water pressure is okay, and the boiler is working. If something is not working, report it to your new landlord or the letting agent. Otherwise, if they find out something is not working at the end of your tenancy, then you might get charged for it.

You have to take care of a few other admin stuff when you move in.

The first thing is to change your electoral roll. Ensure that you’re registered at the correct address and in the right council on the electoral roll. This would affect your credit profile, and we highly highly recommend that you update your electoral roll register. Another thing is to get yourself registered on the new council tax. As the tenant, you will be paying council tax, so register with the right council at the correct address. It would help if you also hooked up your internet, water and electricity. Make sure you phone up all these utility companies – potentially sign-up with new suppliers – and inform them that you have recently moved. You don’t suddenly want to be hit with a hefty bill you haven’t budgeted for!

What sort of property is for rent in Winchester?

Beautiful properties scatter the skyline in this idyllic English city.

With its medieval streets and teaming markets, the city of Winchester is a picture-perfect example of “the best place to live in the UK”, but why? This quintessentially English city has an illustrious history. Beautiful properties scatter the skyline, and its community-driven feel makes it an ideal location to settle. If you’re looking for property to rent in Winchester, know this: Winchester punches above its weight. There’s a reason Hampshire homes are well-loved from miles around.

As award-winning Estate Agents, we offer a practical and highly efficient service that can see you relocate there.

Saxe Coburg consists of a team of highly professional and skilled property consultants. Our Hampshire team is hard-working and lives by the philosophy that client satisfaction is the key to success. We combine our collective years of experience and knowledge with a human touch to provide trust and communication. Our friendly and approachable team deliver exceptional and bespoke service to all our clients. Many of whom return to us time and time again. As an award-winning Letting Agent on the South Coast, we must have an excellent reputation with our Landlords. That is why we will continue to go the extra mile for those looking for property to rent in Winchester.

Letting, through us, is made easy.


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Our Winchester branch serves the city centre itself, along with the surrounding country villages. These include the likes of Hursley, Itchen Abbas and Alresford. South of the city, we also sell and let properties in the highly desirable areas of Shawford, Otterbourne and Chandlers Ford. Each of which is renowned for its high-end property and outstanding schools.

We live by the philosophy that client satisfaction is the key to success.

At Saxe Coburg, clients feel comfortable discussing their requirements in detail. This is because we are not only proficient in the marketing, selling and letting of properties but are known for our friendly atmosphere too.

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