Property Decisions: What Type of Property Do I Buy?

Nov 24, 2018 | Blog

It can be an exciting yet overwhelming time choosing which property to go for next. The market has so much to offer and to suit all kinds of budgets and requirements, but making a solid decision is no easy feat. Saxe Coburg, Property Experts are on hand to guide and advise you throughout your property journey and we have suggested some property style guides below to help.

Modern Properties

As customers in all aspects of modern living, we are progressively focused on cutting our carbon footprint resulting in buyers doing the same thing in looking for homes with faultless eco credentials. It’s not easy being green, but it’s an important part of modern life and increasingly affordable technology is being introduced to a lot of new and refurbished homes. The incorporation of smart metres, e.g. Hive technology and such like means properties are also designed to a high specification architecturally. The general consensus is that if a new modern house is intended to match its smart technology then normally inside it will be designer-led also.

Contemporary design combines a range of styles developed in the 20th century. Interiors’ feature softened and rounded lines as opposed to the blunt lines seen in modern design. Interiors contain neutral elements and daring colour, and they focus on the basics of line, shape and form. Depending on your individual taste, you can go for contemporary modern, country modern or ultra-modern.

Saxe Coburg sold this uber-modern ‘Huf Haus’ known for ‘state of the art’ design and technology as well as being energy efficient. This type of property will take a fair bit of the budget but are so ahead of their time.

Arts and Craft Style Properties

Inspired by socialist philosophies, the Arts-and-Crafts movement was campaigned by anti-industrial English designers and writers, such as William Morris and John Ruskin, who wanted to see a return to well-made, handcrafted goods.

It uses simple decorative forms, often inspired by romantic or folk styles, and improved in Europe between 1880 and 1920. The design and build of these homes was simple but strong – using traditional building methods and natural materials. The home will most likely be a solid looking building, with generous proportions that can be seen in wide porches, pointed window arches and large, low roofs. Colour schemes include creams, terracotta, mustard yellows, olive green, blues and a deep crimson. Buyers are more aware of the style and really like homes being comfortable, individual, flexible and made by craftsmen.

If you love the character and charm of a traditional country cottage but want to build a home on a more substantial scale, then Arts-and-Crafts could be just the architectural style you are looking for.

Historic Property

The custom, hand-crafted qualities of an older home usually means it has a long-lasting value and a robust structure that you can’t necessarily find nowadays.  There is a reason that older homes are still standing — they were built to last. Buying an historic home will most definitely require some re-modelling and development. Yet again, this is another cost to consider before buying but don’t be put off an old home simply because all the modern amenities are not there. Why not mix the old with the new? Why can’t you have those rustic floor tiles AND your modern stand-up shower? The diverse mix of old and new has a very appealing and unique visual.

Buying an older home isn’t going to be smooth sailing though. Living in and modernizing these homes can take years of unplanned and costly repairs unless the previous owners have already done it and in which case – get ready to enjoy your piece of history! Check out our unique home in Christchurch, once home to the writer of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Robert Southey. This property is a prime example of contemporary interior juxtaposed with the original features and exteriors.

As you can see, Saxe Coburg looks after a variety of properties across Dorset and Hampshire; old, new, character, conversion, you name it, meaning we are well-equipped to help you buy or sell in and around the area.

Our team of Property Experts are available six days a week and out of hours whenever necessary to help facilitate your property journey.