Pines & Chines in Canford Cliffs

Mar 8, 2018 | Blog|Uncategorised

Pines & Chines in Canford Cliffs is one of the best publications we’ve seen in a while. We featured in the last issue and will be in their next so do keep an eye out for a copy, there is a great mix of local news and events to be made the most of.

We believe in supporting local, we hope you are with us. The Pines & Chines community monitors all planning applications for Branksome Park and Canford Cliffs and will make recommendations and / or objections to the council and developers where appropriate. It is vital that BPCCRA maintains a vigilant eye on matters that may adversely affect the amenities and services we enjoy. By the same token the board will lobby to support plans and projects that will serve to enhance and deliver improvements in the area

The Pines & Chines committee hold regular meetings on the second Wednesday in the month at St Aldhelms Church Lounge meeting room on Lindsay Road. We’ve got to know the people behind it and really believe in the great work they do.

To learn more about Pines & Chines please click here.