Online Estate Agent Franchise

Online Estate Agent Franchise – Why Are They So Successful?

Low start-up costs that offer great potential for a return on your investment.

Disillusioned by the daily grind? Want to be part of something more personal but don’t quite know where to begin? Secure and profitable start-ups are few and far between, particularly in the current financial climate. However, Estate Agency has successfully adapted to the economic troubles facing traditional businesses. By sticking to our tried and tested business model, our franchisees have delivered outstanding results – and we want to extend that invitation to you too. In searching for an online estate agent franchise, you’ve taken the first step in a world of reduced business failure rates. Our team is expanding, and we’re looking for local estate agents across the UK who are keen to represent our brand.

Consider yourself to have a hardened drive and entrepreneurial flair? Then we want to hear from you. At Saxe Coburg, our dedicated team understand that clients want more from their agent – not less. They want a relationship with a trusted professional who can advise them each and every step of the way. Someone who cares about the local community. Someone who upholds the Saxe Coburg standards. Someone who isn’t fixated on being the biggest local agent but dedicated to becoming the best. They want you. At Saxe Coburg, our online estate agent franchise opportunities are open to those who want to be the best version of themselves. By joining us, you benefit from joining likeminded people and engaging in a profitable and sustainable business model. We believe in offering unrivalled personal services, which result in massively reduced overheads. All culminating in our agents regularly seeing excellent potential for a return on their investment. So, what are you waiting for? Create an exciting future for yourself today with the backing of an experienced brand to guide you.


What Does an Online Estate Agent Franchise Benefit From?

  • Rightmove and Zoopla set-up
  • Alto CRM installation and training
  • Property management software and SEO launch campaign
  • A local branch website with personalised email and signature
  • Marketing materials; including leaflets, business cards and letter heads
  • And much, much more!

Want to Know How to Become Involved in an Online Estate Agent Franchise?

Put simply, if an online estate agent franchise succeeds, then Saxe Coburg succeeds.

To continue to grow our network, we want exceptional individuals who believe in the Saxe Coburg ethos. After all, in much the same way our franchisee will invest in us as a brand, we want to invest in the correct individuals. Whilst we understand that running your own business can be incredibly rewarding, it can be equally demanding too. Whilst we train franchisees to operate the Saxe Coburg way, Estate Agency is a skill that can take years to master. Therefore, a certain level of prior experience is imperative for our new Branch Directors. Put simply, if an online estate agent franchise succeeds, then we succeed. So, we must work together to give ourselves the best footing to prosper.

Keen to take that all-important first step? Our Chief Operating Officer Louise Martin would be delighted to answer any queries you might have. Consider this an opportunity to delve into your background and why you would be an asset to our online estate agent franchise network. Following this, we recommend a visit to our Head Office. Here, you can get a better feel for the company and ensure it truly is a brand you align with. It is also a chance to discuss your intended territory and envisage the possibilities for the new branch. Finally, we would be delighted to begin the legal process towards building your own online estate agent franchise.

Online Estate Agent Franchise

Included with your start-up fee:

Alto CRM Installation & Training

A local branch website

Application & Registration

1 Year Business Insurance

Property Management Software

Limited Company Registration

1 Week Intense Sales Training Course

1 Week Intense Lettings Training Course

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to become a prospective Branch Director with our letting agent franchise possibilities.

Saxe Coburg will consider opening branches in any affluent town across the UK. We are also expanding our brand overseas. We’re also excited to speak to anyone who would like the opportunity to become a Branch Director in a country outside of the UK. Our franchise package differs slightly depending on your territory. Regardless of your destination across the globe, we would be delighted to discuss opportunities further with you.

Contact our Chief Operating Officer, Louise Martin on 07754 658 585. You can also use the contact form below. We would be delighted to join you on this exciting new journey and look forward to starting the process.


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Saxe Coburg is committed to ethical franchising and is an accredited member of the Quality Franchise Association, whereby we follow the QFA Code of Conduct.



‘Saxe Coburg is committed to ethical franchising and is an accredited member of the Quality Franchise Association, whereby we follow the QFA Code of Conduct.