Noteworthy Things About Houses in Winchester

9 Noteworthy Things About Why We Like Houses in Winchester

This is a quintessentially English city with lofty medieval roots.

The pandemic has taught us just how much we rely on community, countryside and convenience. Working from home is now more common than ever, and houses in Winchester are in the crosshairs of this property crisis. England’s ancient capital is not a fortified sanctuary by any means. Yet, it is a city steeped in history with a rural atmosphere more akin to a larger village.

With cobbled streets, lively markets and illustrious heritage, the houses in Winchester are in hot demand. Here are nine noteworthy things about why we like houses in Winchester.

1. Houses in Winchester have a spectacular heritage

From medieval to Georgian, each follows the original Saxon town plan.

Winchester is a quintessentially English city. With its medieval roots and architecture, it’s a picture-perfect example of what those outside the UK expect Britain to be like. It might wear its history lightly, but it has some serious bragging rights. From St Catherine’s Hill’s Iron Age fort to the Romans who made it their regional capital, followed by Alfred the Great a few centuries later. When he was crowned King of Wessex in 871, Winchester became his capital.

That is until the Normans stormed in after 1066, and William the Conqueror built a palace and castle here.

Yet, as the nation’s former capital, the city has a long and storied past. However, it is the still-standing heritage sites and iconic houses in Winchester that make it feel ancient and relevant. It’s this sympathetic development of the city centre that has seen Winchester retain its historical charm.

With the city centre flanked by ancient flint walls, the city is well defended against the elements.

Discover a timeless legend and a striking site in one of the finest surviving medieval halls – the legendary King Arthur’s Round Table. And stroll along the water meadows to see a range of characterful buildings scattered across the skyline and city centre. From medieval to Georgian, each is laid out according to the original Saxon town plan.

2. Job opportunities are a big appeal for looking at houses in Winchester

The city is currently ranked in the top 7% in the UK for its economic growth potential.

Live in London? If you only need to be in the office for part of the week, why would you stay in a box room for the remainder when you could be in something more palatial? Better yet, why not simply uproot to somewhere a bit more open and free? Job opportunities in Winchester are practically booming. The city is currently ranked in the top 7% in the UK for its economic growth potential. Meaning you should be on the hunt for some houses in Winchester.

Winchester attracts workers from many professional industries – especially technology. Here, its residents typically enjoy a wage above the national average!

With this in mind, unemployment in Winchester is among the lowest in the UK. At rates of around 0.3% of the working population (16-64) claiming job seekers allowance, job prospects are good in the city. Whether that’s directly in the city or one of the commutable locations, unemployment continues to decline. However, if the houses in Winchester are still too steep for your liking, why not settle in the surrounding suburbs? Saxe Coburg has properties in . . .

Itchen Abbas | Alresford | Shawford | Otterbourne | Chandlers Ford | HursleY

3. Education has stimulated the search for houses in Winchester

Rooted in history. Firmly focused on the future.

Many families are attracted to houses in Winchester due to the fantastic array of schools in the area. There are also a large number of nurseries for the younger children, such as West Downs Day Nursery, Kingsmead Day Nursery and more. Most of the primary schools in the city are at least rated “good” by Ofsted, with St Peter’s, St Bede and St Faith’s C of E getting top marks, ranked “outstanding”.

For the older children, the city’s secondary’s fares well too. Most achieve at least an Ofstead “good” rating, while Winchester’s King’s School is ranked “outstanding.”

Winchester and its surrounding areas are also home to many independent schools. This includes the famous and historic Winchester College, St Swithun’s Junior School and St Swithun’s School. There’s also Nethercliffe School, Prince’s Mead School, Twyford School and the Pilgrim’s School. There are three highly-rated independent schools in Winchester. Its home to The Pilgrims’ School, St Swithun’s and Winchester College. Winchester School of Art is one of the leading creative institutions in the UK and is renowned internationally.

Yet, in addition to junior schooling, the universities in Winchester are also held in great acclaim.

The University of Winchester is a renowned educational institution. With a 180-year heritage of academia, it might be rooted in history, but it’s firmly focused on the future. Winchester students are nurtured to forge successful careers and make positive changes in the world. The university offers a wide spectrum of undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs. These include subjects like health and wellbeing, social sciences, digital technologies, education, the arts, business, law, and humanities.

4. Houses in Winchester are a wondrous thing for commuters

You needn’t have to choose between urban convenience and rural charm.

The best way to discover places is to take a road trip. Whilst the bigger towns may have better communications, you’ll find that villages offer better value. Despite this, in the panic of the pandemic, many Londoners and city-folk turned to Winchester. In fact, during this rural rush, Winchester notched up one of the highest levels of population growth in the South. With its culture and connections, the city offers house hunters a pleasing compromise.

Winchester is a conveniently situated well-connected city. There’s a reason it was once the capital of England!

With a population of 125,000, it’s small enough to feel like an escape from the rat race but is just an hours train away from the big smoke itself. Thanks to its close proximity to places like London, Southampton or Portsmouth, its proven popular with commuters. Winchester train station is the main terminal operating in the city and is a short walk from the city centre shops and amenities.

Yet, for those who prefer to travel by road, National Express operates frequent coach services.

There are also plenty of local buses in the area, notably the No.5 Stagecoach Bus. By car, Winchester is located off Junctions 9, 10 and 11 of the M3 and is also accessible via the A34 from Newbury and Oxford. Otherwise, should you find yourself regularly airborne, Southampton Airport is less than 10 miles away. For more international destinations, both Heathrow and Gatwick airport are 50 and 70 miles away. Albeit landlocked, Winchester is a 25-minute drive from Southampton’s cruise and ferry terminals.

Winchester | Southampton Airport Parkway | Basingstoke | Eastleigh | Shawford

5. Houses in Winchester neighbour some truly unique shops

The perfect place to base yourself when exploring your basic needs.

Wander through the winding streets of Winchester to encounter an unrivalled shopping experience. An array of different stores, market stalls and chic boutiques line the cobbled streets. The (mostly) pedestrianised High Street is charming and offers a lot in regards to on-site parking. As a fantastic central location, it’s the perfect place to base yourself when exploring your basic needs.

Houses in Winchester are perfectly placed so you’re not too far away from the action but not too close to it either.

There are so many boutiques, deli’s, markets, designer stores and more that it’s not a question of where to shop in Winchester, but where to shop first. The retail offering of Winchester is a huge draw for many. Yet you can also be sure to encounter busking street entertainers and beautiful historical buildings. Alongside high street retailers, individual emporiums, fashion and food – there’s plenty to let you shop ‘til you drop.

6. Like the city itself, the houses in Winchester might inspire you

You’d half expect them to be inhabited by characters from a Jane Austen novel!

Famed for its regular festivals and events, there’s seemingly always something happening. From food festivals to comedy and music galas, fairs and literary events, there’s plenty to celebrate with the rest of the community. Its Christmas market is dubbed one of the best in the country, while the farmer’s market is one of the biggest in the UK.

Yet, the backdrop to all this buzzing life could not be more beguiling.

Its vibrant and active cultural scene forms the foundations of historic inspiration. From the imposing cathedral at the green heart of the city to the handsome Georgian houses in Winchester. Most of which, you’d half expect to be inhabited by characters from a Jane Austen novel! As well as kings and much-loved novelists, the city has charmed A-list celebrities, too.

Winchester has lent itself to scenes in films such as The Da Vinci Code, Les Misérables and Wolf Hall, which were all shot here.

There are also plenty of permanent cultural institutions. There’s the Edwardian Theatre Royal Winchester. This venue offers live performances, plus a wealth of museums and exhibition galleries in and around the city centre to explore.

7. The walking is wonderful around the houses in Winchester

Coast and country on the doorstep and London is just an hour away.

Houses in Winchester are privy to all manner of tales and are particularly apt for those interested in uncovering Britain’s past. Yet, even if you’re more tuned into the here and now, the city makes for a lovely place to walk and reside. Perhaps it’s the community, with its low crime rate and excellent schooling. Or better yet, maybe it’s the wonderful location, with coast and country on the doorstep and London just an hour away.

Located in Hampshire, this small city punches above its weight with beautiful rivers, moors, hills and woodlands.

Whether you hike, bike, trail run, or explore, those residing in houses in Winchester experience such nature on their doorstep. From the idyllic River Itchen to St Catherines Hill – the iron age hillfort – from where there are spectacular views of the city. There are ancient water meadows and newly refurbished riverside pubs. There are distant views of Winchester Cathedral, the ancient Hospital of St Cross, and Winchester College.

8. Houses in Winchester have been handed many accolades, including “best place to live”

Community spirit has proven to be the most crucial quality of all.

We possibly should have led with this, but it’s no secret to those of us who own houses in Winchester that it’s the best place to reside. In recent years, the city has been formally recognised as the “happiest place” and “best place to live” in the UK. With its leafy tree-lined roads and immaculate buildings, it’s renowned for being a sought-after location.

Houses in Winchester comprise all eras. From Victorian villas, spacious Georgian townhouses and modern new builds.

Judges assessed a wide range of factors, including education, air quality and transportation. This, coupled with the likes of culture, green spaces and the health of the high street, impacted their judging process. Yet, it was locations bursting with a community spirit which the pandemic has proven to be the most crucial quality of all.

It’s little wonder people are clamouring to own houses in Winchester.

“Winchester has a fabulous mix of history, culture, shopping, countryside and accessibility that adds up to a highly-prized quality of life.”

– Stephen Godfrey, Winchester City Council leader

9. Here’s how much buying or renting houses in Winchester might set you back

The rural rush during the pandemic has caused a sharp rise in prices.

This is a less than fortunate thing to convey, but a cloud can only have so many silver linings. It’s here that we have to outline that houses in Winchester have seen the highest growth in prices compared to any other city in the past decade. The rural rush during the pandemic was simply the cherry on top. Now, there’s very little affordable housing across the country – especially when it comes to houses in Winchester.

With such a prosperous neighbourhood comes the exclusivity of houses in Winchester.

Buying houses in Winchester is still popular with families and commuters. For professionals and commuters looking for a 1 bedroom property, houses in Winchester are £185,000 to £220,000. If you are looking at terraced houses in Winchester with 2 or 3 bedrooms, expect to pay anywhere between £230,000 to a maximum of £650,000. However, our property types range from townhouses to detached, semi-detached, terraced, and apartments.

Many of our houses in Winchester are within walking distance to the city centre, with school and travel links on their doorstep.

If these prices come as a shock, renting houses in Winchester still proves popular with families, students and commuters. In and around Winchester, 1 bedroom flats range from around £610 per month. However, these can easily exceed £1,200 per month for a luxury apartment close to the city centre. For professionals and small families, 2 bedroom properties rent in the region of £800 PCM to £2,500 at the top end of the market.

Your Saxe Coburg Winchester branch is waiting for you . . .

In the birthplace of the modern game of cricket and resting place of author, Jane Austen.

Once known as the ancient capital and former seat of King Alfred the Great, Winchester is situated just one hour from London. Combining the best of city life with the freshness of the surrounding countryside, it has a thriving contemporary arts scene. Thanks, in part, to the many craft-makers and artists who help keep the bustling city alive during all seasons. It’s also home to the country’s largest farmers’ market and fine architecture – making Winchester an inspiration to all who live here.

Our Winchester branch serves the city centre itself, along with the surrounding country villages. Such as Hursley, Itchen Abbas and Alresford. South of the city, we also sell and let properties in the highly desirable areas of Shawford, Otterbourne and Chandlers Ford. Each of which is renowned for its high-end property and outstanding schools. Our Winchester team is hard-working and live by the philosophy that client satisfaction is the key to success. At Saxe Coburg, clients feel comfortable discussing their requirements in detail. This is because we are not only proficient in the marketing, selling and letting of properties but are known for our friendly atmosphere too.

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