New Year Trends – The New Scandi!

Jan 8, 2020 | Blog|Uncategorised

If it’s time to give your home a 2019 make-over, maybe it’s time to consider a brand-new look that is having a major resurgence. The ‘New Scandi’ is on everyone’s lips in 2020. So, what’s all the fuss about, and what does ‘New Scandi’ involve?
This look is about creating an interior that is both aesthetic and functional. It’s about mixing cool shades with raw elements; everything from wood, exposed brick-work, animal skins and metals to emphasise the Nordic energy it has become famed for. The revamped Scandi look adds an edge of glamour, but retains its wilderness too. It’s fair to say, we are in love with this look!
Scandi designs are also extremely practical. If you opt for this style, everything in that room / your home should hold some kind of functional value. Excess is not desired. The superfluous needs to be removed. The New Scandi is not about waste, in fact an original oak sideboard or chest could be up-cycled against the cooler, simpler tones to complete this look. Living spaces become more and more compact and ergonomic furniture is brought in as a nod to the practical side of living.
In addition to the practical, there is also personality in juxtaposition. We love the masculine lines of say, a hardwood rectangular dining table, against more feminine, elegantly formed dining room chairs. The hard and soft work together in harmony. To complement your chosen furniture it’s key you accessorise with metals such as brass, gold, wrought-iron or copper (the latter is having a major resurgence too!) We suggest investing in a mirror and gold tray for your coffee table, metal candle holders  and rattan is also another great texture for this style. Rattan adds a touch of summer – fresh to any room. A rattan rack can lend itself to holding logs by the fire, or magazines, it’s extremely versatile  – perfect for Scandi look interiors!
If you’re going to opt for a Scandinavian interior in 2019, you must pay attention to the use of light shades. The latter mostly being muted tones and environmentally friendly materials. Walls are often painted in soft white, taupe, cool grey. Juxtapose these colours with faux-furs, geometric patterned cushions, and excellent lighting, for the ultimate New Scandi.
This look advocates simplicity in every sense of the word, with an edge of understated cool.
We love the New Scandi vibe and we’d love to see your photos if you give your home an over-haul this New Year! Be sure to tag us on Instagram 
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Scandi Interiors can be cosy too; think soft fabrics, window seats, over-sized throws and the all important log-burne