New Homes for Sale Winchester



Why should you be looking at all those new homes for sale in Winchester?

When choosing the perfect place to call home, factor in your best interests.

You might not be aware, but as a country, we’re tackling a national property shortage. In light of the pandemic, homes are going under the hammer quicker than ever. Plus, just about all sorts of property are being picked up by people moving away from the more densely populated cities. So we should count ourselves lucky that there’s new homes for sale in Winchester to help abate such dire straits . . . shouldn’t we? That’s the real question and a far more personal consideration. When choosing the perfect place to call home, it’s wisest to factor in your best interests. Do you want an older and more traditional home, or do you want to have a fresh start with some of our available new homes for sale in Winchester?

New Homes for Sale Winchester

The pros of buying new homes for sale in Winchester


1.       New homes for sale in Winchester are a blank canvas

Whilst many are drawn in by the weathered stability of lush and spacious older homes, they aren’t always energy efficient. What you first mistook for character and charm can be far from it. On the other hand, new homes are more like a blank canvas and MUST comply with the latest building regulations. This not only means they are far more energy-efficient than older properties but more adaptable too. Plenty of development companies offer the freedom to personalise homes before they’re even built. Such influence can help make a property certifiably “yours”. Whether you want a say in regards to the flooring, colours, or even minor alterations to the layout, a simple suggestion goes a long way.


2.       New homes for sale in Winchester offer a BOOSTED incentive

Many first-time buyers view new homes for sale in Winchester as their only way onto the property ladder. This might seem ludicrous to some, given that Winchester was regarded as the most expensive UK city to live in in 2021, but there are incentives. Certain government schemes – such as the Help-to-Buy and Shared Ownership – are only applicable to new homes. However, that’s not to say there aren’t other options available for first-time buyers to get something more traditional. Plus, there are some great incentives for buyers to opt for new homes for sale in Winchester. For example, some developers will throw in extras to push a purchase. They could cover the cost of the carpets or even whip up some white goods! It’s well worth your time talking to the developer because they’ll know what current incentives might save you the most money.


3.       New homes for sale in Winchester provide sufficient safeguarding

All new homes for sale in Winchester are built to the latest industry specifications. Should anything go wrong, homeowners have peace of mind with a 10-year warranty from the National House Building Council. So, if anything does go amiss in your home, the developer has to fix it. Due to such protection, many new build owners find that maintenance costs are low for the first few years. However, these kinds of guarantees tend to taper off after the first few years.


4.       New homes for sale in Winchester use modern building techniques

New homes for sale in Winchester MUST follow the latest building specifications and standards. Whilst this might sound somewhat restrictive – if anything – it’s more of a safeguard. In a country with escalating energy costs, modern building techniques have led to significant savings on your bills. These homes are well insulated, feature advanced double glazing and energy-efficient heating systems. Plus, due to the modern insulation used during the building process, energy bills tend to be far lower than older houses of the same size.


5.       Obviously, new homes for sale in Winchester are just that – new

New builds have all the latest modern living technology, with many offering ‘smart home’ features and open-plan layouts. Swathes of people are drawn to the fact that nobody has lived in their would-be home before. Therefore, both they and/or their significant other can make history in a spotlessly clean environment that’s seen little to no use. Plus, unlike older properties, they require far less maintenance as no one has lived there before. This also means that there’s less likelihood of issues during purchasing a new build, as there is no upward chain. Or, in the case of first-time buyers investing in new homes for sale in Winchester, no chain at all. There should be very little – if anything – they need to do to it. They can simply unpack their belongings and start enjoying their new home.

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Your Saxe Coburg Winchester branch is waiting for you . . .

In the birthplace of the modern game of cricket and resting place of author, Jane Austen.

Once known as the ancient capital and former seat of King Alfred the Great, Winchester is situated just one hour from London. Combining the best of city life with the freshness of the surrounding countryside, it has a thriving contemporary arts scene. Thanks, in part, to the many craft-makers and artists who help keep the bustling city alive during all seasons. It’s also home to the country’s largest farmers’ market and fine architecture – making Winchester an inspiration to all who live here.

Our Winchester branch serves the city centre itself, along with the surrounding country villages. Such as Hursley, Itchen Abbas and Alresford. South of the city, we also sell and let properties in the highly desirable areas of Shawford, Otterbourne and Chandlers Ford. Each of which is renowned for its high-end property and outstanding schools. Our Winchester team is hard-working and live by the philosophy that client satisfaction is the key to success. At Saxe Coburg, clients feel comfortable discussing their requirements in detail. This is because we are not only proficient in the marketing, selling and letting of properties but are known for our friendly atmosphere too.

If you would like any further information on our Winchester branches or the surrounding property market, please do not hesitate to contact us below.