Moving Home Checklist

Dec 14, 2018 | Uncategorised

Whether you live by a list or hate making them, they’re about to become your guilty pleasure when moving. A moving house checklist will ensure you tick everything off making the whole process smoother and easier, leaving you without any doubt that you’ve got everything done.
You’ll have lists for everything from packing to gas, electric and internet companies and all in-between. We have provided guidelines to preparing for that move and things you must not leave out. You can use this to create your own sub categories, allowing you to make this short moving house checklist bespoke.

Do your research and use a company that is local, trusted and well-reviewed. Your typical man with a van might not necessarily look after those sentimental ornaments and you don’t want someone being rough with your furniture. Get online and be clear with your move day, timings and best travel routes. Inform any companies with any access restrictions. Cheap doesn’t mean thorough.

New Address
Start planning what places will need your new information. Doctors, Banks, Schools etc, they will all need to be informed of your changes of address. Make sure with utilities you get a metre reading as soon as you’ve moved in to report to the companies for your ongoing bills. Even things like Magazine Subscriptions, Ebay/Amazon (Trust us, we’ve overlooked this before and new house purchases have been sent to the old address, especially as they are now one click to order automatically). While you’re changing addresses, set up mail redirection with the post office so you don’t miss out on any overlapping post.

*NOTE – It is now a legal requirement to have your new address on your driving licence, so make that a priority as soon as you have moved in. Changing your address with the DVLA does not cost you a penny – but it is vital to avoid getting stung with up to £1000 fine.

It’s simple really – Pack to prioritise what you’ll need in the first 24 hours after the move. Bag or box items to take, recycle, dump, sell or give away. Pop out a few weeks prior and buy those new items you may need for the home (new length curtains, new kitchenware etc). Keep the fridge contents to the bare minimum and its worth defrosting the freezer out of courtesy if you haven’t already. Maybe use different colour pens or stickers for labelling different room boxes it just saves time looking later.

On the day of your move
This is when the stress levels are likely to be at their highest. Make sure you have a structured plan in place to ensure the day runs smoothly and there are very few hiccups along the way. Leave any spare keys on the side where the new owner will find them. Make sure you are the last to leave the house for one quick check. Turn off all the lights and central heating. Lock the windows and all external doors. Leave contact details for the new owners so they can get in touch if necessary.

First night perhaps grab a take-away, sit back, breathe and think of all the feng shui you can do with your new home.