Living a luxury lifestyle – An experts insight from Saxe Coburg

Mar 9, 2016 | Blog

We work with hundreds of individuals and couples who, when faced with the choice, wish to combine their traditional values with modern living. Yes they want opulence, sophistication and convenience but without the conceit or lordliness that can accompany a luxury lifestyle. But all too often that balance is hard to find. So how do you strike it? How can you create that unbeatable feeling of being at home whilst enjoying high quality, timeless features that elevate your day-to-day living experience that you’ll appreciate for years to come? There is a growing trend in the U.K. at the moment, set to skyrocket throughout 2016, designed to achieve exactly that. Hundreds of people are now opting to incorporate hotel-like features into the design of their homes and their day-to-day lives. This isn’t a new concept in an international context; it’s been popular in the U.S, Asia and other parts of Europe for some time, but it’s a recent arrival in the U.K. So what does it mean, exactly, to live in a five-star home?

For many people, by the time they get to the point in their lives where they can afford a more luxurious touch, they’ve become accustomed to certain features and ways of living. Someone who has been successful in business has most likely spent a lot of time staying in different hotels in various corners of the globe. Possibly to the point where they have a preference for a particular chain of hotel because they find the beds are more comfortable, the restaurant menu healthier and the service more efficient. I know of people who will only stay at The Four Seasons wherever they go not only because they always enjoy their stay there, but because it also provides them with a degree of consistency in their demanding and ever changing schedules. Another trait of successful individuals is they never do everything themselves. You never see a wealthy business owner or footballer doing all of their own admin, planning, email management, technical work, sales and strategy. Maybe when they’re just starting out, but not when they’re making it. They have assistants and other team members to whom they delegate the lower value activities, or the activities they enjoy the least.

Consistency, balance, structure and creativity are what our clients value in their personal lives, too. You deserve a five-star home and want the time you spend there to be energising, relaxing and easy. Whether it’s a swimming pool, cinema, golf-simulator, wine cave, creative artistic displays or a location close to a marina that would upgrade your lifestyle, it’s important you find the right sized property in the best area for you.

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