Five Top Tips For First Time Sellers

May 30, 2022 | Blog

Home Staging

Present your property in a way that makes it easier for the buyer to visualise it as their future home. It is one of the best strategies for selling a house quickly. A staged home is likely to sell a house for more money than a non-staged home. De-clutter to make the rooms feel larger and improve the aesthetic appeal. This involves removing some of the items and rearranging the rooms. The living room, master bedroom, and the kitchen are the most staged rooms.

Work on Curb Appeal

An attractive curb appeal will entice the buyers to look inside the house. Therefore, fix the exteriors to keep the buyers from leaving before they go inside. You could start by power washing the drive, mowing the lawn, raking the leaves, cleaning the doors and windows, getting rid of ugly garden structures or cleaning and repainting them, trimming tree branches, planting some flowers, fixing the garden lights and painting the front door.

Take Out The Personal Stuff

When your pictures are hanging all over the place, it will be hard for the buyer to imagine the house as theirs. Therefore, when you list your property for sale, depersonalise it by getting rid of your photos and collections. Pack them and store them in your garage. After all, you will be moving out of the house soon, so it’s better start packing early.




A fresh coat of paint can brighten the rooms and boost the aesthetic appeal. When painting a house before a sale, go for natural colours such as grey. Fix the Broken and Worn Out, one broken tile or a single leaking pipe could be the reason your house stays so long on the market. This is because most homeowners prefer to move into a house where they won’t have to make any repairs, especially in the first few days. Therefore, fix anything that is broken, worn out or is unattractive.

Keep The House Fresh and Airy

Funny smells can discourage potential buyers, so ensure that the house smells fresh. Clean the house thoroughly and get rid of smelly kitchen waste. Damp and dusty carpets ruin the quality of air, so consider cleaning them too. Avoid using air fresheners to conceal the bad smell. Buyers are attracted to fresh and clean air not some strong perfume. Don’t Showcase Your Pets While pets are wonderful, there are some people who don’t love them as much as you and one of those people may be the potential buyer with the best deal. Therefore, when selling your home, clean up in such a way that viewers won’t recognise you own a pet. Take the pet boxes, beds and toys out of the house and get rid of any stains and smells. Ensure your pet doesn’t show up in any of the photos or videos in your listings.

By making your house buyer friendly, setting a reasonable price and working with an experienced agent, you will sell a house faster and with minimal stress.