Saxe Coburg Winchester Is Officially OPEN!

Jun 18, 2021 | Blog

Professional Footballer Aaron Martin is Saxe Coburg’s most recent franchisee and has now launched his brand new Winchester branch. Aaron has and continues to enjoy a successful footballing career having been part of the Southampton FC team which gained back-to-back promotion to the Premiership back in 2012. Aaron has also played for many other topflight clubs, including Crystal Palace and Birmingham, and most recently has enjoyed playing in the Scottish Premiership. Whilst Aaron is not set to retire from the game yet, he identified an opportunity to own an estate agency under the Saxe Coburg brand and hopes this new venture will provide him and his family with a lucrative lifestyle once his playing career ends. We sat down with Aaron to congratulate him on his new business and wanted to find out why he is keen to move into the property industry.

Aaron, why estate agency and why a franchise?

Property has always been a passion of mine, second to football. Throughout my playing career I have always invested in property, and the industry continues to be one of the best ways to invest. As my small portfolio has grown, I have often considered opening an estate agent as a smart way to manage and build upon my existing properties. I already knew of Saxe Coburg along the South Coast and their enviable success, so when I saw they were looking to expand via franchise, it seemed like a perfect opportunity for me.

If you are continuing to play football, how do you propose to manage your business?

I have begun and will continue to build a reliable and expert team of estate agency professionals to navigate the day to day running of the business whilst football remains my focus. This is how I am choosing to build my business, through the recruitment of exceptional property industry experts. Even when my playing career ends, there is the strong likelihood that I will move into coaching and/or management, so it is important for me to set up my Saxe Coburg business so that it can operate successfully without me.

Did you look at other franchise packages and if so why have you chosen Saxe Coburg?

In the past I’ve researched well known estate agency franchises yes, but I didn’t like the idea of being a little fish in a big pond as many have hundreds of franchisees signed up. I wanted to join a brand which currently has a smaller number of franchisees and Saxe Coburg in particular has only launched their franchising in the past 12 months. This means they would be more likely to be able to give me individual, bespoke support and I can work alongside them to create my branch and fine tune the right operating processes for me.

What is the goal for your Saxe Coburg franchise?

I’m not looking to dominate the market or to out compete existing agents in the Winchester area, there is more than enough business to go around. I’m just aiming to grow a healthy business which provides clients with a quality service and keeps them recommending us to family and friends. People will always move house, and the rental market continues to grow so estate agency is a smart industry to move in to if you are looking to build a profitable business and rewarding lifestyle.

Is there any advice to anyone out there considering owning a franchise?

Although I haven’t officially opened and am unable to provide trading facts or figures yet, what I do know is the process for becoming a Saxe Coburg franchisee has been seamless. The management team have been extremely welcoming, and the Head Office staff are incredibly supportive in helping me navigate my way through setting up my business. The tools and advice given has been nothing short of elite, and I’m thoroughly looking forward to bringing the Saxe Coburg brand to Winchester.

Saxe Coburg Winchester is set to launch on 1st July this year.

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