Estate Agent Franchise

Why is the estate agent franchise on the rise?

You’re not just opening a business. You’re gaining a support system

Ever dreamt of fast cash, starting up a business and finally feeling satisfied in the workplace? If so, whatever your background, an estate agent franchise offers attractive financial rewards. In fact, reports state the UK’s property market contributes a staggering £101 billion to the British economy every year. Alongside this, it also comes with the deep-rooted satisfaction that you’ve played a part in helping others find their dream homes. However, the property industry is lucrative and competitive and is partly why business start-ups are few and far between.

Whilst nothing is stopping you from going it alone, it doesn’t make the most logical business sense. Especially if you are not an experienced estate agent. On the other hand, when you become a franchisee for an estate agent franchise, you’re not just opening a business. You’re gaining access to a support system in exchange for your investment. The reassurance of a well-established brand and head office support allows you more time to focus on and increase your client base. Through shepherding one of our franchises, you won’t need to spend resources getting your name and product out to clients. This is why estate agent franchises are such attractive propositions for those wanting to dip their toes in the property water.


How does an estate agent franchise benefit you and the franchisor?

Franchisees receive training, financial planning and a winning formula to follow.

There are many advantages to investing in an estate agent franchise, and drawbacks too. In such a scenario, franchisees receive training, financial planning and a winning formula to follow. Yet, whilst the parent estate agency has a proven track record, success is never a guarantee.

The advantages of an estate agent franchise

Widely recognized benefits include a ready-made business formula to follow. Plus, franchisees receive training and financial planning. Furthermore, an estate agent franchise like Saxe Coburg comes with established brand recognition.

The advantages of an estate agent franchise

By definition, franchises have ongoing fees that must be paid to the franchisor in the form of a percentage of sales or revenue. Also, franchisees lack control over territory or creativity as they must adhere to the established brand.

An estate agent franchise settles into three categories. First, the franchisee must purchase the trademark from the franchisor in the form of an upfront fee. The franchisor often receives payment for providing training, equipment, or advisory services. Finally, the franchisor receives ongoing royalties or a percentage of the operation’s sales.

What is an estate agent franchise?

We sell the right to use our brand and ideas.

Saxe Coburg consists of a team of highly professional and skilled property consultants. Our professional property consultants live by the philosophy that client satisfaction is the key to success. We are committed to employing the most experienced and practised property advisors – ones who know the area better than anyone and see an opportunity before anyone else. Yet, if we’re to increase our geographical reach, we needed to facilitate a form of trust. To achieve this, we decided to launch our estate agent franchise. By franchising the Saxe Coburg brand, we help budding entrepreneurs interested in the property market – and they help us.

An estate agent franchise is a joint venture between a franchisor and a franchisee. In this instance, Saxe Coburg is the estate agent franchisor. We sell the right to open agencies using our brand, expertise, and intellectual property. We sell the right to use our brand and ideas. The entrepreneur is the franchisee; who benefits from our ideas and existing business model. The drawn contract is temporary and is akin to a lease or rental of a business. It should be made clear that it does not signify business ownership by the franchisee. Depending on the contract, estate agent franchise agreements typically last between five and 30 years. Serious penalties can arise should a franchisee violate or prematurely terminate the contract.

Estate Agent Franchise

Included with your start-up fee:

Alto CRM Installation & Training

A local branch website

Application & Registration

1 Year Business Insurance

Property Management Software

Limited Company Registration

1 Week Intense Sales Training Course

1 Week Intense Lettings Training Course

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to become a prospective Branch Director with our letting agent franchise possibilities.

Saxe Coburg will consider opening branches in any affluent town across the UK. We are also expanding our brand overseas. We’re also excited to speak to anyone who would like the opportunity to become a Branch Director in a country outside of the UK. Our franchise package differs slightly depending on your territory. Regardless of your destination across the globe, we would be delighted to discuss opportunities further with you.

Want to learn more about starting an estate agent franchise? Contact our Chief Operating Officer, Louise Martin on 07754 658 585. You can also use the contact form below. We would be delighted to join you on this exciting new journey and look forward to starting the process.



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Saxe Coburg is committed to ethical franchising and is an accredited member of the Quality Franchise Association, whereby we follow the QFA Code of Conduct.



‘Saxe Coburg is committed to ethical franchising and is an accredited member of the Quality Franchise Association, whereby we follow the QFA Code of Conduct.