Estate Agency Franchises

Here’s why you should lead one of our estate agency franchises

Don’t just make a living, make a difference, and profit from property.

Buying or selling a property can be one of the biggest transactions of someone’s life. Therefore, many would prefer doing business with a name they can trust. If you want to begin a business that offers a great guarantee for returns, your answer could well lie in estate agency franchises. Estate agency franchises not only provides a dynamic working environment but an opportunity for you and your clients. So don’t just make a living, make a difference, and profit from property with Saxe Coburg’s estate agency franchises.

Get a running start by partnering with the South West’s award-winning real estate agency. At Saxe Coburg, we are always keen to locate new and exciting opportunities. We provide our estate agency franchises with a tried and tested plan that’s delivered us outstanding results. Plus, with our estate agency franchises still in their relative infancy, you’re assured of consistent contact. Our team are highly professional and skilled property consultants who live by a very simple philosophy. We believe client satisfaction is the key to success – and we are extending that potential to savvy entrepreneurs. 


Property is BIG business. So how can YOU benefit from our estate agency franchises?

We’re willing to help those who share our values and want to help us achieve a mutual profit.

Starting out on your own is an exciting venture. Yet, starting fresh out of the gate – especially in property – can be a tumultuous affair. Why? Because real estate is one of the chief industries in the UK economy. It’s big business, with a vast and diverse range of people wanting in on the action that offers great revenue. However, estate agency franchises are willing to help those who share their values and want to help them achieve a mutual profit. So get in touch with Saxe Coburg and take a peek at our franchise pack. It’ll guide you through our USP, the ins and outs of your lead generation and how you will benefit in the long term. After all, you will be building a stable and regular monthly income from your own property management portfolio – a portfolio you can sell one day.

What are estate agency franchises?

Be your own boss whilst enjoying the perks of our established presence.

Ever wanted to be your own boss but feared that time had gotten away from you? If so, engaging in estate agency franchises could well be your ticket to success. With the property industry booming, you can benefit from being your own boss AND enjoy the perks of having an established presence. After all, when someone decides to sell their property, they want the best return on their investment. There’s a high likelihood that your client’s property is one of the biggest transactions of their life. Therefore, they will want it done properly. Would you trust a less established business over one that’s seen more custom? The likelihood is no, as you would want to be guaranteed a great service from an agent who will ensure you get the best price for your home. Therefore, estate agency franchises allow you to benefit from the best of both worlds. You receive brand recognition and ongoing support that you otherwise wouldn’t get on your own – plus, you get to be your own boss.

Estate Agency Franchises

Included with your start-up fee:

Alto CRM Installation & Training

A local branch website

Application & Registration

1 Year Business Insurance

Property Management Software

Limited Company Registration

1 Week Intense Sales Training Course

1 Week Intense Lettings Training Course

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to become a prospective Branch Director with our letting agent franchise possibilities.

Saxe Coburg will consider opening branches in any affluent town across the UK. We are also expanding our brand overseas. We’re also excited to speak to anyone who would like the opportunity to become a Branch Director in a country outside of the UK. Our franchise package differs slightly depending on your territory. Regardless of your destination across the globe, we would be delighted to discuss opportunities further with you.

Want to learn more? Contact our Chief Operating Officer, Louise Martin on 07754 658 585. You can also use the contact form below. We would be delighted to join you on this exciting new journey and look forward to starting the process.


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Saxe Coburg is committed to ethical franchising and is an accredited member of the Quality Franchise Association, whereby we follow the QFA Code of Conduct.



‘Saxe Coburg is committed to ethical franchising and is an accredited member of the Quality Franchise Association, whereby we follow the QFA Code of Conduct.