Estate Agency Franchises for Sale

Estate Agency Franchises for Sale Could Be the Next Big Thing.

Take the fast track to success and benefit from the guidance of an experienced team.

The millennial dream proposes many appetising reasons to chase after it. After all, the desire to embrace or even exceed the values that our parents and grandparents instilled in us is a strong one. Who doesn’t want at least one of the following: to be successful at work, marriage, family or financial security for their retirement? All of these have something in common – stability. Yet, when it comes to chasing the millennial dream and seeking the freedom of running your own business, stability is never a guarantee. In fact, in most cases, running a business is nothing short of running the gambit. However, once in a while, a worthwhile route presents itself. One that offers generous earning potential, safety and enjoyment. We’re talking about the tried and tested opportunity of estate agency franchises for sale.

Being self-employed can be lonely, time-consuming and expensive. But it doesn’t need to be.

With estate agency franchises for sale, you can enjoy Saxe Coburg’s prestigious foothold in the estate agency world. The advantage of being an independent, niche agency is that we deliver an exemplary and bespoke service to all our clients. This is supported by intelligent marketing, enabling us to provide the highest standards of service. It’s this dedication to our franchises that upholds our brand identity. This way, our clients can be confident that their property will be seen by the right people – in the right places. There are plenty who can attest that this is a great opportunity for property professionals or pupils alike. So, if you have a passion for property, get in touch today. Your dream starts here.

What Are Estate Agency Franchises For Sale?


Property is a booming industry that’s ready to be capitalised on.

Everyone needs a place to live – be they students, adults or elderly – and there are so many avenues of property out there. So what does it mean that you’ve taken the time to look for estate agency franchises for sale? It means that you’re looking for an investment opportunity. One where you can effectively hit the ground running and start in a field that has an established presence. That’s what we offer. Through us, you can benefit from brand recognition and ongoing support that is otherwise unavailable.

Hit the ground running and start in a field with an established presence.

At Saxe Coburg, we focus on the higher echelons of property available on the market. Our network has grown at a consistent and steady pace as it’s owned and managed by committed individuals who are passionate about our ethos. These franchise owners are fully immersed in their local community – and that’s what makes them successful. This personable factor is one of the many elements that we look for in our team. It’s what helps us thrive in a highly competitive and well-paying market.

Estate Agency Franchises for Sale

How You Can Purchase Our Estate Agency Franchises For Sale

We invite you to embrace changes within the property industry.

To purchase one of our estate agency franchises for sale, simply get in touch. There’s an initial investment fee that secures your chosen area of circa 10,000 households. Included is the necessary legal paperwork and required training (see below for a taster). We set our franchisor commission and, in order to provide ongoing support, expect a monthly license fee. There is an awful lot of information to digest, so we hope to be able to give you a detailed insight into this unique opportunity once you get in contact. The potential to own one of our estate agency franchises for sale is quite a tantalising one and one that should not be dismissed lightly.

Included with your start-up fee:

Alto CRM Installation & Training

A local branch website

Application & Registration

1 Year Business Insurance

Property Management Software

Limited Company Registration

1 Week Intense Sales Training Course

1 Week Intense Lettings Training Course

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to become a prospective Branch Director with our letting agent franchise possibilities.

Saxe Coburg will consider opening branches in any affluent town across the UK. We are also expanding our brand overseas. We’re also excited to speak to anyone who would like the opportunity to become a Branch Director in a country outside of the UK. Our franchise package differs slightly depending on your territory. Regardless of your destination across the globe, we would be delighted to discuss opportunities further with you.

Contact our Chief Operating Officer, Louise Martin on 07754 658 585. You can also use the contact form below. We would be delighted to join you on this exciting new journey and look forward to starting the process.


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Saxe Coburg is committed to ethical franchising and is an accredited member of the Quality Franchise Association, whereby we follow the QFA Code of Conduct.



‘Saxe Coburg is committed to ethical franchising and is an accredited member of the Quality Franchise Association, whereby we follow the QFA Code of Conduct.