Are You Buying in Dorset’s Newest Hotspot?

Nov 8, 2018 | Blog

Move over Sandbanks, Christchurch is garnering lots of attention in the beautiful county of Dorset. Not just for its destination restaurants, idyllic Quay, excellent schools or renowned Priory, but for its rise in property prices. Yes, you read that right!

The postcode of BH23 including Burton, Winkton and Highcliffe, beat every other Dorset postcode to see a year-on-year average price rise in properties of 3.7 per cent.

Propdex, who research actual prices paid and recorded with the Land Registry, claimed the average price you can expect to pay for a property in booming BH23 is £350,909.

The Government reports that house prices have risen in the last year by three per cent in England and 4.2 per cent in Wales. This means that properties in Christchurch have exceeded the national average.

It may mean it’s harder to buy in the area, however on the flip-side, you’re in a strong position if you are a homeowner, or are soon to become one as local property experts can’t see the increase in houses prices stopping anytime soon.

There’s not denying this is a huge accolade for Christchurch. We’ve always been an advocate for the area, hence opening our newest Saxe Coburg office here.

As property experts we are lucky enough to visit a plethora of property in and around the county. From apartments to townhouses, country manors and second homes. We see first-hand how much people want to live in Christchurch – Dorset’s new property hotspot!

If you’re yet to put your home on the market, please take a look below at some of our current properties for sale in Christchurch;

Bride Place, Christchurch. On the market for £2,500,000. View full listing. 

Christchurch, Dorset. On the market for £475, 000. View full listing

Christchurch, Dorset. On the market for £425, 000. View full listing