Cyber-attacks are happening; our lifestyle partner can help

May 15, 2017 | Blog

Our Partner, Software Major, Can Prevent Your Cyber-attack…

Picture the scene. You’re at work at your local hospital, sorting through tables of sensitive patient data on your network’s PCs. Suddenly, a red screen flashes on your monitor. All of your information disappears. You hear shouts as people are screaming that life support machines are starting to malfunction. This isn’t some sort of horrific dream. This literally happened just this week. No one is completely safe and the damage can be catastrophic.

That’s where our lifestyle partner Software Major comes in. They have a superb, proven track record of providing world-class cyber-security and privacy services that protect you and your organisation from everyone and thing that wants to harm and steal from it. Their elite team analyse and evaluate organisations thoroughly from both a technical perspective and in terms of compliance with data protection regulations. Software Major then help put in place cutting-edge protection techniques and services that suit you and ensure an ongoing unmatched level of security, as well as peace of mind.

State of the art cyber-security services are now the keystone of modern corporate and public sector governance, no matter the size or scope of an organisation. In light of the recent NHS cyber-attacks, it highlights the need for companies to take a step-back and think about their own online security. Software Major has a long and varied list of prestigious clients who can testify to their success and professionalism.

Colin Nutton from Software Major told us, “Cyber security is no longer an insurance policy. It’s now a prerequisite for your everyday business.”

If you feel your company would benefit from a cyber-security check we will happily introduce you to our contacts at Software Major today. Our Lifestyle Director Debbie Tarrier is on hand to discuss your criteria on or head office 01202 303066.

You can also visit their website – be sure to quote Saxe Coburg if you do!