What Do Buyers Need To Consider In The Next Six Months?

Aug 12, 2021 | Blog

The next six months are expected to be a busy time for the property market

As restrictions are officially lifted and the stamp duty holiday draws to a close, we take a look at what will be influencing home purchases going forwards over the next few months.



What will happen to house prices after the stamp duty holiday?

As demand still remains above normal levels for the season, many people will be undeterred by the end of stamp duty savings next month.Instead, they’ll be pushed to buy based on their changing needs and living conditions, meaning house prices are expected to remain consistent.


How will the property market adjust to restrictions ending?

It will likely be an optional choice for many to decide which safety measures are seen as necessary during viewings or valuations, as the goal from agents like ourselves will be to make prospective purchasers and sellers feel comfortable.


What will be the effect of the new Help to Buy scheme?

First-time buyers have had a great deal of support in the last few months, with government-guaranteed mortgages and schemes to help them step onto the property ladder after an extended period of uncertainty in 2020.


Are you thinking about selling?

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