Let’s Talk Estate Agency Fees – Cost Versus Quality

Jan 1, 2019 | Blog

Estate Agents’ fees for selling a property can really differ. In many parts of central Dorset and Hampshire it sits between 1-1.5% per cent and that is normally the standard fee. However, we have seen Agents advertising fees as low as 0.25 % or even a flat rate of below £500.

In our opinion, this is staggering as the Agent cannot be doing their job properly by charging £500 and expecting to provide a great service or make money. What happens next is the Agent would cut more corners just to break even or reduce their losses. Someone will be losing out and sadly it can be the customer.

For a property to achieve its best price in the shortest possible period of time it needs to be well marketed. Online portals such as the big players like Rightmove and Zoopla aren’t cheap, neither are professionally designed particulars, floor plans, narrated videos, social media, bespoke marketing, etc. Some Estate Agents make you pay extras for this luxury. However, the area where the vendor can get really short-changed by a ‘cheap’ fee is the level of personal service they receive.

When an Agency bases its business on charging ‘bargain’ fees there’s no way they can attract the best level of staff because knowledgeable and dependable Employees won’t work for low wages.

Selling your home is probably one of the single biggest transactions you will make in your life. You want to get the best possible price for your property. The difference between a quick sale and a good sale could be tens (even hundreds) of thousands of pounds.

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In our case at Saxe Coburg, Property Experts, we’re flexible on our commission fees to a degree. We are certainly not a ‘pile them high, sell them cheap’ Agency but we do understand it’s a competitive market and we always aim to be competitive. One thing we never compromise on is our commitment to looking after your property needs and guiding you through the process as best we can. Our customers come back to us time and time again due to the service they have received, over our fees. We’d rather be recognised for quality then cost.

Just one example of this, which goes to show fee isn’t everything, is a recent testimonial:

‘Delighted with the quality of service from Saxe Coburg. In particular Lynn was a delight to deal with; friendly, professional and tenacious when needed in dealing with some of the others in our chain.’

Our team of Property Experts is on hand six days a week to discuss your property requirements and our sales offering on 01202 303066.